The Startupland Experience

The Startupland Documentary and Course features 30+ entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts who give a realistic look at what it takes to be a startup founder. | taught by Jonathon Perrelli, Maxim Wheatley and Katie Gage
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Jonathon Perrelli, Maxim Wheatley and Katie Gage
Jonathon Perrelli, Maxim Wheatley and Katie Gage

About the Instructor

This course is designed by Jonathon Perrelli, Maxim Wheatley, and Katie Gage and includes interviews and insights from 30+ additional entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders.

The Mission:

Startupland is truly an accelerator experience on the screen, and we know that there are many entrepreneurs beginning their journeys right at this moment. We have produced the Startupland documentary series and designed this course to be paired with it. We are driven by the idea of helping others along this journey, while inspiring others to begin.

We set out to educate and empower the innovators and entrepreneurs and reach the world-changers out there to help them succeed and thrive. The primary goal of the Startupland course is to help participants explore content in order to develop a strategy for becoming a startup entrepreneur.

The course is designed with the assumption that its learners are or have the ability to be goal oriented, internally motivated, appreciate respect, and can reflect on their own life experiences or relate to the experience of others to expand their knowledge of startup entrepreneurship.

Course Contents

49 Videos
10 Quizzes
3 Surveys
54 Texts
6 Disqus
4 Audios
20.0 hrs

Course Curriculum